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Shape and color. An architecture course


From 24 September 2016 to 3 December 2016




Education Center


his course’s basic principle is perceiving architecture through the prism of geometric shapes.

Children learn how to turn a drawing into a three-dimensional shape, making a pyramid or a cone from a triangle, for example. The color-circle and the way color influences volume are also studied: children learn to combine colors, make complementary colors, and change the shape of an object with color. Each class includes studying examples of different geometric shapes and volumes in architecture, and creating a model on the basis of this knowledge. The course is designed to help children grasp the spatial correlation of various objects and understand the laws of scale and proportion; it will cover basic architectural terms and introduce children to the works of famous architects in a simple and accessible way.

Class size: 14

Price per Segment: 12 000 RUB