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Scale: from chair to planet







11 sessions

105 min


The course’s basic principle is perceiving architecture through the prism of scale and proportion.

An architecture course for children aged 3 to 7.

Children learn to see themselves in different ratios, starting with an object of furniture and gradually moving toward a planetary scale. The course consists of paired sessions, one of which is aimed at drawing (conceptualizing the object and making drafts), the other at three-dimensional pieces (crafting a model of the object). The end product of each set of sessions will be involved in future activities (objects of the interior will go inside a house; houses will form a street, etc.) The course is designed to help children gain a grasp on the spatial correlation of various objects and understand the laws of scale and proportion; it will cover basic architectural terms and introduce kids to the works of famous architects in a simple and accessible way.

Class size: 14

Price per Segment: 12 000 RUB

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