Architecture: the Art of Seeing


From 13 February 2016 to 24 April 2016


First block: Sundays, 13:30–15:00; February 21 through April 24, 2016 Second block: Saturdays, 11:30–13:00; February 13 through April 16, 2016


Garage Education Center
Architecture: the Art of SeeingArchitecture: the Art of Seeing


The “Art of Seeing” family course is both an overview of architectural history and an exercise in spatial reasoning.

The theory part covers the evolution of architectural styles and forms, while the project work is designed to enhance participants’ perception of space and understanding of architectural proportions, silhouettes, and composition.

Course Format: 20 classes in two blocks: the first block (10 classes) takes place February through April; the second block (10 classes) takes place September through December. Participants may subscribe to either segment; however, it is recommended to start with the first block.


Anastasia Golovina is an architect, teacher, and artist. Golovina graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture in 2002 and has worked as Architect at Central Research and Restoration Project Workshop. In 2008–2009 Golovina was a faculty member at Moscow Institute of Architecture’s School of Architectural Development. Golovina’s artworks and architectural projects are available at

Ekaterina Uzbasheva is a teacher and curator with a degree from Moscow Institute of Architecture. She curated and participated in a series of architectural exhibitions and projects, including Museum of Design (2010), Facelift (2010), Sretenka Design Week (2011), Mosgorpark (2012), and Micro House Festival at Muzeon Park of Arts (2013). Uzvasheva gave lectures and workshops at Moscow Central House of Architects as part of The Architectural Alternative project. Ekaterina Uzbasheva’s works are available at



Sundays, 11:30–13:00; February 21 through April 24, 2016

February 21, Sundays

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center

What is architecture

February 28, Sunday

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center


March 6, Sunday

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center


March 13, Sunday

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center


March 20, Sunday

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center


March 27, Sunday

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center

The architecture of ancient civilizations

April 3, Sundays

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center

The Architecture of Ancient Greece

April 10, Sundays


11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center

The Architecture of Ancient Rome

April 17, Sundays

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center

Byzantine architecture

April 24, Sundays

11:30–13:00  Garage Education Center

Romanesque and Gothic architecture


Saturdays, 14:00–15:30; February 13 through April 16, 2016 


Class Format: 40 min theory + 50 min practice
Class Size: 15 children + parents
Price per Segment: one child – 9,500 rubles;
One child + one adult – 11,000 rubles; one child + two adults – 13,000 rubles;

10% off for subscribers to the complete course (20 classes).

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