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Contribute to the development of Russia’s first independent museum of contemporary art.

Supporting the development of contemporary art and culture since opening in 2008, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art has always been open to collaborations that allow it to develop new exhibitions and research, education, and publishing projects. In 2010, Garage launched the first museum membership program in the country. Thanks to our Partners, Patrons, Donors, and Members, Garage continues to introduce and develop new programs and initiatives.

Since 2008, Garage has organized more than 100 exhibitions and 4,000 public events; we have published 130 books and catalogues, acquired a number of archives containing unique documents on Russian contemporary art, and opened the first public library on contemporary art in Russia.

Every contributor matters, and Garage offers its friends a wide range of support options.

Become part of a passionate group dedicated to current and future Russian contemporary art!


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding options for supporting Garage.

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Discover the benefits of Garage Corporate Support Program.

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Choose the level of membership that suits you best


A year of free entry to exhibitions, discounts, priority booking, special events, and other benefits for GARAGE cardholders.


In 2018 Garage Museum of Contemporary Art launched GARAGE Club, a community for people who care about the Museum and wish to support contemporary art and culture.


Individual Patrons have the opportunity to take part in the life of the museum and have a say in our strategic planning.

Corporate Support

By becoming a Garage Partner, Donor, or Patron you can make a contribution to the development of contemporary art in Russia and support Russia’s first independent museum of contemporary art.

Garage Endowment Fund

Garage Endowment Fund is designed to provide the Museum with financial stability and to contribute to the making of exhibition, education, inclusive, research, and publishing projects..


Garage is a place for contemporary art and a unique setting for hosting your event.

Thank you for your support



Corporate Patrons

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation

Education Patron


Patron Gold

White & Case LLC

Patron Gold


Patron Silver


Patron Silver

Information Partners

The Art Newspaper Russia
Radio Kultura
Business FM


Patrons Platinum

Andrei Gorodilov
Alisher Usmanov
Viktor Kharitonin

Patrons Gold

Kairat Boranbaev
Ella Stewart and Yury Istomin
Vasilisa Kuzmina
Efim Malkin
Valeriy Oyf
Nataliya Opalyova
Irina Panchenko

Patrons Silver

Oksana Bondarenko and Vladimir Tsyganov
Anton and Victoria Borisevich
Denis Kitaev
Petr Kovalenko
Alexey Polezhaev
Dmitry Samokhin
Olga Slutsker
Ekaterina and Maxim Sychev


Lilit Adibekyan and Dmitrij Chernichenko
Irina Baranova
Polina and Nikolaj Belyh
Julia Rubleva and Denis Chernomord
Ksenia Chilingarova
Anastasiya Devina
Marina Dolidze
Olga Egarmina
Oleg Evdokimenko
Grigoriy Firsov
Ksenia Frank
Valeria and Ilya Gordyushevy
Svetlana Govzich
Regina Khachatryan
Kristina Krasnyanskaya
Elena and Sergei Less
Oleg Leshuk
Irina Mogilatova
Anatoly Miliukov
Anna and Vladimir Ovcharenko
Marina Rudneva and Dmitry Pavlov
Susanna Pogosova
Margarita and Sergei Pushkin
Dmitry Volkov
Viktoriya and Konstantin Yanakovy

International patrons

Georgy Dzhaparidze
Sandy Heller
Svetlana Marich
Emmanuel Perrotin


Tamara Arshba
Evgeny Bolotny
Kseniya Burdaj
Sergei Diyachenko
Grigorij Fedorishin
Alena Kutaliya
Anastasiya Levchenko
Ekaterina Romanova

Art Lovers’ Circle

Egor Altman
Yulia Belyaeva
Inga Borisova
Yuri Dyachenko
Anna Dyulgerova
Alexandr Koshkin
Julia Tolmacheva
Kristina Ouedraogo

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