New Year gifts, fresh ideas and special events at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art!

During the winter holidays Garage invites you to become part of a real journey!

Garage starts the New Year with the annual interactive initiative, Art Experiment. This year it is titled The Playground Project: from New York to Moscow. The exhibition focuses on a unique and often unexpectedly innovative architectural phenomenon—the outdoor playground for kids. The project celebrates the unique atmosphere of childhood and will unleash the inner child in every visitor. Both children and adults can take part in the project and explore every reconstructed playground.

Garage educational courses are a great option for all ages and registration for the new season is now open. Participants have a great opportunity to improve their knowledge with the help of professional architects, art historians, writers, musicians, and photographers. Garage education courses are a balance of theoretical and practical sessions that do not require advance preparation. Each course enables visitors to implement new skills in individual creative projects.

Find the most up-to-date materials on contemporary art and culture in Garage bookshop. Here you can find exhibition catalogues, the world’s leading magazines and journals on art and design, albums of famous artists and photographers.

Treasure the happy memories of your visits to Garage or treat a friend to a gift, with a unique souvenir inspired by world-renowned artists: from winged-rings created as a tribute to Robert Longo, elegant porcelain with peculiar patterns by Louis Bourgeois, badges with a fox from Viktor Pivovarov’s painting, to glow wear with a print by Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer. These and many more are available from Garage bookshop.

Garage bookshop always leaves some room for a surprise, so why not give a gift certificate? Just pick one up that suits you best (1,000 rubles, 3,000 rubles or 5,000 rubles) and wait for the appreciation!

One more pleasant surprise has been organized by Garage together with Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. During an Art Week—between January 2 and January 10—buy an adult ticket at either museum, and get a 60% discount at the other one. The total cost of two tickets will be 550 RUB.

Along with Art Experiment there are three more shows on view at Garage for you to enjoy, including Proof, which includes more than 120 art pieces by world famous artists Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein, and Robert Longo, and the installation Slow Release by Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen, a twelve-meter long installation in the shape of a magnified medicine capsule. While walking along Garage Square in front of museum take a look at the rooftop, where there is an intriguing neon work by Boris Matrosov No, She Couldn’t Have Known How It Would All… This phrase that seems to belong in a conversation between friends, confuses our ideas of the private and the public, of the nature of questions and answers, and the essence of art.

Take a moment at any time to rest or discuss your impressions of what you have seen, at Garage Café. Hot herbal or berry tea, or a glass of champagne are the best accompaniments to sharing opinions. Garage Café offers a unique atmosphere along with extensive menu! Don’t miss out on the seasonal specials, and of course, delicious desserts created by our Café chef such as Pavlova with berries or chocolate and peanut butter lava cake with salted caramel ice cream.

If you like to both give and receive presents, do both and buy a GARAGE card certificate. GARAGE cardholders enjoy free entrance to exhibitions, discounts, special offers, and many other benefits. And anyone who buys a GARAGE card certificate will get a special present too! Just show it at Garage bookshop and enjoy the holidays!

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