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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art expands its Endowment Fund to support academic and research activities

Garage has expanded its endowment development strategy and launched Endowment Fund 2: Academic Programs. The launch of a special endowment fund will allow Garage to gather funds from donors interested in supporting the Museum’s academic programs.

Income from the fund will be used to support two major programs at Garage. The first program provides grants and paid internships for students on the Museum’s master’s program Curatorial Practices in Contemporary Art at the Joint Department with the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), and also funds the development of a specialized library collection. The second program provides support for The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture, which will present the experience of the Museum’s researchers and of specialists from across the world.

The first donation to Endowment Fund 2: Academic Programs was the proceeds of the sale of Ramin Nafikov’s work Bowl at the 7th Off White charity auction.

About Garage Endowment Fund

Garage Endowment Fund accumulates donations from individuals and organizations in order to support the Museum’s future activities. Donors’ funds are not spent but invested in order to generate income, which is then used to develop the institution. In the first year since its launch, Garage Endowment Fund became the third largest museum endowment in Russia, with a value of 85.9 million roubles.

About Academic Program 

The Garage department at HSE actively engages in research activities carried out by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. The scientific and educational platform of HSE provides opportunities for research in the field of contemporary art and the training of qualified professionals, an urgent need for which is felt in Russia today. The decision to create a joint department within the university is the best way to involve researchers and students from all departments into Garage projects.

The master’s degree Curatorial Practices in Contemporary Art is an experimental program that offers comprehensive education in contemporary art theory and practices and the history of exhibitions in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The program was one of the fifteen most popular master’s programs at HSE in 2019.

About The Garage Journal

The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture is an independent interdisciplinary academic platform that advances critical discussions about contemporary art, culture, and museum practice in the Russian and global contexts. It publishes original empirical, theoretical, and speculative research in a variety of genres, celebrating innovative ways of presentation. Fully peer-reviewed, The Garage Journal provides a source book of ideas for an international audience.

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