Teen’s Vision: Garage Teens Team’s stories around the show “We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams.”

As part of the lecture cycle What do I see? And how can I describe it?, Garage Teens Team’s participants were invited to prepare short public presentations in the one-work-talk format to accompany the exhibition “We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams.” The Other East and Esoteric Knowledge in Russian Art 1905–1969. However, the pandemic caused adjustments to the original plan. Instead of work-talks in the Museum space, the guys have put together a playlist through which they analyzed their impressions of the works on view at the show.

One-work-talk is a short story about a single art piece displayed in the Museum. The speaker shares their personal impressions and emotions that are conceptualized around a broader theme tackled by the exhibition.

The playlist is composed of eleven tracks, each of them commenting, in much or less detail, on a particular artwork on show at Garage. Issues and questions raised and discussed during the course, such as the capabilities of formal analysis and its connection with additional research, are also reflected in each of the recorded commentaries. 

The playlist is available on SoundCloud and the Teens Team’s page on Vkontakte.