Garage Teens Team: peer-to-peer

04 Feb 202019 May 2020
Garage Glass Room
Garage Teens Team: peer-to-peerGarage Teens Team: peer-to-peer


Tutors for the new team in the spring semester will be graduates of Garage Teens Team’s previous iterations—emerging researchers, designers, and curators, students of some of the top Moscow and London universities.

The courses and workshops they have prepared for the program are based around experience exchange and open up new ways to understand the phenomenon of contemporary art in its complexity and acquire useful skills, allowing participants to work in this field. The program encourages participants to rely on their individual attitudes instead of abstract laws, fostering inventive and flexible thinking, openness to new ideas, and an ability to find and structure information.


The classes are accessible for members of Garage Teens Team.


Lecture cycle Self-publishing: DIY initiatives in the age of late capitalism

A cycle of sessions covering self-publishing and zine making as means of self-expression, designed specially for Garage Teens Team.

The course will trace the history of zines from their emergence in the early twentieth century to our time. As a censorship-free form of self-expression, the zine allows the  articulation of one’s ideas in a physical manifestation. The cycle also includes two practical classes where the group will arrange their own zines and publish a small edition of them using a Risograph.

Garage Teens Team thanks GROUND Peschanaya gallery for assistance in organizing the practical session of the course “Self-publishing: DIY Activity in the Age of Late Capitalism.”

About the lecturers

Natalia Kukina is a designer, student at the British Higher School of Design. Publisher of art, photo and fem zines. Graduate of the inaugural Garage Teens Team.

Ilya Sheynin is a designer. Student of National Research University – Higher School of Economics. Graduate of the inaugural Garage Teens Team.

February 18–29

Course How to make an independent exhibition of young art

The course is set to help its members to carry out a project of their own small-size exhibition.

The curator of the KhZ series of exhibitions Dina Salakheddin will explain how to conceive and organize an independent show of young artists, manifest one’s ideas into reality and bring them to different audiences. Aimed at dispelling fears of preparing events without institutional support, the classes will also teach participants to charge their projects with a special atmosphere devoid of rigid hierarchies and dogmas.

About the lecturer

Diana Salakheddin is an Art History student at National Research University – Higher School of Economics. Participant of the debut Teens Team course (2015), she was also an intern at Garage and worked as a mediator on some of the Museum’s projects. Diana completed the Curator’s School of the Open Workshops program at Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Curator of the KhZ series of exhibitions at Vera Pogodina’s art gallery VP Studio (2017, 2018, 2019).

March 21–28

Lecture cycle What do I see? And how can I describe it?

The course offers an introduction to the specifics of a public performance in the work-talk genre, which means a brief conversation with museum visitors based around a single artwork.

The meaning concealed in an artwork manifests itself through its creative form, which includes the technique, materials, composition, colors as well as other tools used by the artist. How can we describe the experience of visual communication with the work? What allows us to form a personal opinion about it? What new options does the introduction of a wider context, for example the historical one, open up for our understanding of the piece? These and similar questions will be discussed by the course participants.

The work-talk format facilitates the implementation of the skills acquired during the discussion. The participants will share their individual impressions from the chosen artwork and will find it a place in the conceptual framework of the show. A twenty-minute summary accompanied by questions to the public is an alternative format challenging the commonly spread vertical relationship between the presenter and the audience.

About the lecturer

Nastya Volynova is a graduate of the Russian Art History Department of the History Faculty of Moscow State University, student of the Contemporary Theory program at Goldsmiths University London. Graduate of the inaugural Garage Teens Team and tutor at its second iteration.

March 31–April 11
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