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From 8 June 2018 to 26 August 2018





In our tenth anniversary year, a major experiment is under way. This summer Garage presents IAM, a project which aims to answer questions about the nature of the contemporary museum; what additional competencies museum workers, curators, artists, and even visitors might need to possess; what the museum should show and keep; and what needs to happen if the museum is not to be just a place for preserving artefacts, but one that integrates the aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, and sensory experiences of the viewer.

The name of the project is an abbreviation with an infinite number of expansions that are provided by a special code. Visitors are free to select the name that best suits their experience of this summer at Garage.

Project team:

Darya Boldyreva, Ekaterina Valetova, Olga Dieva, Vika Dushkina, Ekaterina Inozemtseva, Anastasia Lesnikova
Nikita Nechaev, Elena Tazetdinova, Anastasia Chebotareva, Emmanuelle de Montgazon, Reyko Kavakado, Richard Lou


Here we’ve put together materials to help you get ready for a visit to the Museum or to take a deep dive into the current programs at Garage.


Episode I. Laboratory 

In the first part of IAM, the Lab was the venue for a series of exhibitionary and educational experiments. The space was divided into several “laboratory compartments,” each of which presented a local research project: Fab Lab Moscow, Garage x Nikonole, and Screening / Let’s Play.

June 8–July 8
Garage LAB

Episode II. Conference 

On July 17, a one-day conference will involve leading specialists in new media and researchers on the digital environment. Questions posed in the course of the day will include the interrelationship between current developments in technology and artistic practices and how they may affect artists’ choice of method and medium.

Tuesday, July 17
Garage Auditorium

Episode III. Ryoji Ikeda: code-verse 

IAM closes with code-verse, a new multimedia installation by Ryoji Ikeda produced in collaboration with Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. It represents one possible answer to the question about possible interactions between artists and the digital world.

July 19–August 26
Garage LAB