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IAM: Episode III. Ryoji Ikeda: code-verse

19 July – 26 August 2018

IAM closes with code-verse, a new multimedia installation by Ryoji Ikeda produced in collaboration with Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. It represents one possible answer to the question about possible interactions between artists and the digital world.

Ryoji Ikeda (b. 1966, Gifu, Japan) has been working in digital art since the 1990s. Having started out in electronic music, he later moved on to experiments in video and through them, to the making of large audio-visual installations based on mathematical code. Using musical pitch as a medium, he translates various kinds of data into an almost abstract code—a perfect sequence of “phrases” that create audiovisual compositions like those in code-verse. A universe of code and a code poem, the installation transforms mathematical code into an independent symphonic or polyphonic work. code-verse has no narrative: it communicates with the viewer’s senses. Immersed in white noise, viewers are invited to contemplate the poetry of mathematical relationships and variations in code in the same way one listens to music.

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