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Dear Visitors…






To mark the 10th anniversary of Garage, the exhibition Dear Visitors… celebrates the key participant in all Garage programs: the museum visitor. It will feature new works created using audience data.

Since it opened, Garage has communicated with visitors through invigilators, guides and mediators, guestbooks, and polls. Each part of the exhibition will be based on one of these sources of information. In the Glass Room, Russian artist Ekaterina Muromtseva will create a total installation drawing on over forty guestbooks containing both dry, critical, elaborate, and poetic reviews of past exhibitions. Based on her analysis, Muromtseva has defined several types of visitors, whose character will be reflected in a number of art objects.

A collective project by the team at Garage, based on Museum polls, will be presented on the Mezzanine. Using infographics and other visual media, the team will create a sociological portrait of the visitor, which will evolve as the Museum grows.

The collective Theatre of Mutual Operations and playwright Natasha Borenko will stage a new project based on dozens of interviews with Garage staff, in which invigilators, guides, and security officers were asked to talk about their strangest interactions with visitors. The first project to be shown in the Museum’s cloakroom, it will consist of two parts: an interactive installation and performances reconstructing some of the curious episodes that have taken place at Garage. 

Dear Visitors… is curated by Andrey Misiano, Research Curator, Garage

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