Garage Museum in Instagram: Archive and Performance


From 25 June 2018




West Gallery
Garage Museum in Instagram: Archive and PerformanceGarage Museum in Instagram: Archive and Performance


Having surveyed the Museum visitors’ Instagram accounts, Polina Kolozaridi, Darya Demyokhina and Victoria Bordukova learnt how the role and the practice of photography had changed overtime in relation to the museum and its exhibitions. On the lecture they will present the results of their research conducted in the tradition of Performance Studies.

Visitors capture almost everything: the exhibitions and the exhibits, the building and the architecture, the restroom, the books, the food in the cafe as well as themselves. It would be erroneous to think that the visitors’ Instagram accounts are sheer entertainment. Having been posted online, the photos and the comments take part in the co-production of contemporary art. But what kind of participation is it? Is the visitor in this case an archivist, a registrar or an active participant?

Researchers are certain that visitors in possession of a camera and a fast access to posting pictures try on various roles raging from integrating art in their own lives to curatorship, when they simultaneously compose their own visiting itinerary and participate in the construction of public memory. From selfie-participation which puts the visitor in the artist’s shoes and equates him or her to an exhibit to critical perception.

The analysis of the visitors’ pictures along with digital ethnography enable us to recognize different stages of Instagram-performance and various visitors’ behavioral patterns in the Museum representations.


Polina Kolozaridi is an Internet scholar and a sociologist. For last 10 years she has been living in Moscow carrying out research on the Internet. The interrelations between humans and technologies are in the focus of her research. Polina is the head and the coordinator of a club uniting Internet and society lovers – an informal community of Internet scholars that also organizes educational and public events.

Darya Demyokina is a philosopher, a performance scholar, a curator and the Higher School of Economics PhD student.


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