During installation of the rink the entrance to the Museum from the park is closed. Please use the entrance from Garage Square. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Garage offers unique one-off events—including seminars, lectures, conferences, and screenings—on the leading trends in contemporary art.

Garage Events deliver multiple educational opportunities for a variety of audiences. These events are scheduled as one-off or special projects and include lectures, discussions, conferences, screenings, performances, and programs that provide a more detailed look at Garage's exhibitions. External projects also take place at different venues throughout Moscow and across the country.

With an eye to the future, Garage aims to engage audiences to raise cultural literacy within diverse communities. The events, addressed to visitors from all backgrounds and often free of charge, offer unique opportunities to meet international artists and art historians, curators, architects, thinkers, and other key figures in contemporary art. They also play a significant role in supporting the local art scene, providing access to Russian artists, curators, and collectors, and establishing connections between them and the general public through meetings and discussions.

Garage Café: The art of happinessEnjoy gourmet cuisine surrounded by contemporary art at Garage Café

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