What’s Actually Going On? A performance by Anya Kravchenko, Marina Shamova, and Valya Lutsenko

31 August 2019
16:00–17:00, 18:00–19:00


The second season at Garage Studios continues with a performance by dance artists Anya Kravchenko (Garage Studios resident), Marina Shamova, and Valya Lutsenko.

As Anya Kravchenko commented, “This piece represents the practice of fierce love for thought. We bring books and various junk with them, declaim texts, dance, write, cannot sit still, sing into a microphone. The performance might include mention of Gilles Deleuze, Karen Barad, Merab Mamardashvili, Judith Butler, Graham Harman, Ben Woodard, Jacques Derrida, Eduardo Kohn, Vladimir Bibikhin, Jacques Lacan, a cat in a box, a walk through a swamp, a flea.”

The work was conceived at St. Petersburg’s SDVIG Studio of Performance Arts and was premiered during the 2019 Performance Night (St. Petersburg).


Anya Kravchenko (b. 1985, Berdyansk) is an artist, dancer, and choreographer. She is the author of performances, videos, scores, publications, and laboratories as a form of practice based around non-binary interaction between bodies of different physicalities. Anya’s individual projects and collaborations have been shown at the International Choreographic Institute / National Center of Choreography (Montpellier, 2015–2017), Performing Arts Forum (Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, 2017–2018), HSE ART GALLERY (Moscow, 2018), ISSMAG Gallery (Moscow, 2018), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2019), Mutabor Art Space (Moscow, 2019), Tipografia Center for Contemporary Art (Krasnodar, 2019), and others.Since 2018, she co-curatedthe work of SDVIG Studio of Performance Arts (St. Petersburg) together with Anton Vdovichenko and Kamil Mustafaev. She lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Valya Lutsenko (b. 1988, Deputatsky settlement, Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is a dancer, dance teacher, and art historian. She is currently studying Sociology and Philosophy at the European University (St. Petersburg). She has a bachelor’s degree in the History of Art from the History Faculty (2009) and a master’s degree from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2011) of St. Petersburg State University. Lutsenko has taken part in Russian and international projects and collaborations in the field of stage dance and performance and has collaborated as a dancer with Anton Vdovichenko and Maria Sheshukova, Eldad Ben Sasson, Tino Sehgal, Anya Kravchenko, Anna Gritsuk, Dina Hussein, Dmitry Vlasik, and Konstantin Keihel, among others. She lives and works in St. Petersburg.


Marina Shamova (b. 1990, Sebezh, Pskov Region) is a performance and contemporary dance practitioner. She studied the master’s program Scientific and Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Dance Formsat Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, St. Petersburg, and at the “Chto Delat” School of Engaged Art and the Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts (both St. Petersburg). Shamova curates the laboratories Performative Actionand Scores for Dance Performances, while also giving classes for LGBTQ+ and other communities. She is the curator of the projectDiscussing Contemporary Art, a member of the music performance cooperative Techno/Poetry, and teaches movement at YESOD Center of Social Integration. She lives and works in St. Petersburg.


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