Online Concert: Verevka Improvisation Ensemble at Garage Library


St. Petersburg’s Verevka Ensemble will give an online concert of microtonal improvisation in Garage Library.

Their 90-minute online set, performed on acoustic guitars using bows, is part of Quiet, Please, a program of quiet concerts at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.


Vladimir Grig is an artist and musician, member of St Petersburg Improvisation Orchestra and Melonoise Trio. He has taken part in many experimental music and generative improvisation projects and festivals and has invented several instruments.

Vladimir Luchansky is a musician, active on the contemporary improvisation scene. He took part in the conferences of the International Society for Improvised Music in 2014 and 2015 and has collaborated with many Russian and international improvising musicians. He has performed in Canada, Poland, USA, Finland, and Switzerland.

Aleksandr Markvart is a musician, participant of theatre projects, and organiser of various events. In his musical performances he uses a variety of instruments ranging from the common piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, analogue synths, electric drums, flutes and software to objects such as wires and household appliances. He works in various genres from radical free improvisation, hardcore and noise to structured projects, minimal techno, and post-folk. 

Andrey Popovsky is a musician and philologist, artistic director at Experimental Sound Gallery GEZ-21 (St Petersburg, 2007–2015), the founder of Teni Zvuka Festival of Quiet Music (GEZ-21, St Petersburg, 2010) and organiser of the international forum Muzika Nastoyashego (Museum of Sound, St Petersburg, 2015). He is one of the creators of the Museum of Sound and curated the Practical Course in Experimental Music at the Museum from 2015 to 2016. He took part in the Apozitsia Forum in St Petersburg in 2016 and in the exhibition Protoart at the St Petersburg Manege in 2017. He curated the project 33 Sounds: An Alphabet of St Petersburg Experiments (St Petersburg Manege, 2019).

Denis Sorokin is a musician. With an education in classical and jazz guitar he performs contemporary classical music with a focus on the works by Wandelweiser composers and has created arrangements of works by Galina Ustvolskaya, Morton Feldman, John Cage, and other composers for the electric guitar. 


Watch via this link