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Tours of Garage Archive for visitors with developmental disabilities

Public program Toward the Source
8 February – 3 March 2017


During the exhibition Toward the Source, Garage invites visitors on free tours of its Archive Collection.

From February 1 to April 23 Garage invites visitors to an exhibition devoted to its Archive Collection. Five artists have each spent eight months exploring Garage’s collection to come up with a new perspective on the archive, the documents under their scrutiny, and the historical events reflected in them.

Garage’s Inclusive Programs Department have developed tours for visitors with developmental disabilities specially for this exhibition .

Garage Archive, which is the museum’s core collection, has stayed out of the spotlight, and these tours will give the public a chance to see how it works and take a look at some items of major historical importance it contains. The tour is followed by a workshop, where each participant is invited to write a letter following the example of the artist Vladimir Kotlyarov (the original is available in Garage Archive Collection).

To prepare for the visit, please see the social story—an illustrated guide to the museum. A presentation, summing up the tour, will be available upon request after the visit.

During the tour, visitors will be accompanied by a tutor for support. A quiet room is available in case of sensory overload. 

how to take part

Admission is free for disabled visitors with one carer. Please register in advance, call 8 (964) 727-39-10 or email

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