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The simple act of not giving up on the ideal world. A lecture by Bart Schoonderbeek

Lecture Cycle: Rethinking Heritage. The Netherlands Experience
3 November 2018


As a platform for incepting and promoting new ideas, Garage Museum aims to transgress the usual frameworks of topics for discussion. The second lecture of the cycle Rethinking Heritage. The Netherlands Experience is devoted to entrepreneurs who are bold enough to dream about space traveling, alternative energy sources, and innovative formats of interaction with the environment—in other words, those who conceive a new, ideal world which is already possible to create today.

These issues are more and more often being raised by leaders of major companies. Bart Schoonderbeek, owner and CEO of developer and investor Schipper Bosch, will share his experience of integrating new ideas in the field of redevelopment, urban planning, architecture, ecology, energy, mobility and product design. In Bart’s own words, Schipper Bosch “stopped debating and researching—we just started doing, and it appeared to be viable. And we believe it will prove even more viable tomorrow.”

Based on the company’s current redevelopment projects and its recent product design experience, the speaker will explain his belief that the world is changing for good, and that (re)developers should take a leading role in this process.

The lecture is moderated by Yuri Grigoryan. 


Bart Schoonderbeek (b. October 1, 1976 in Amersfort, The Netherlands) is owner and CEO of developer and investor Schipper Bosch. While being educated as an architect at the renowned Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London in 2000–2007, he became fascinated with the idea of creative use of space and sustainable application of materials, buildings, and entire areas.

Yuri Grigoryan is an architect. In 1991, he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, where he teaches Project Development at the moment. In 1998, in partnership with Ilya Kuleshov, Alexandra Pavlova and Pavel Ivanchikov, he founded the MEGANOM architectural bureau. In 2011–2014 he was Director of Education at the Strelka Institute of Media and Design, Moscow. Along with coordinating the work at MEGANOM, Grigoryan is a regular speaker and lecturer at a number of Moscow institutions, actively involved in the evolvement of architectural thought and practice in this country.



Free admission with advance registration.

The lecture will be held in English with interpreting into Russian.


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