The Screen as the Space for Utopia: From Metropolis to Mars, Changing at Gorky Park. A Lecture by Vsevolod Korshunov

Cinetecture. Lecture Cycle
11 July 2018


The lecture explores cinema’s ability to transform the real world and generate new non-existent spaces.

Cinema’s ability to present reality as it is has always remained questionable. The frame, perspective, and editing all contribute to the making of a new version or interpretation of the real world.

Lev Kuleshov on his cutting table constructed a "created surface of the Earth"; Sergei Eisenstein split the world into frame atoms and reassembled them into new worlds like a demiurge; Fritz Lang converted the expressionist “externalization” into an objectivist chronotope of the future. Whether real or built for the film set, works of architecture have come to be seen as utopian metaphors of harmony, order, control and hierarchy.


Vsevolod Korshunov is a screenwriter, editor, and film scholar. He is a doctoral candidate of art history and the head of the documentary film department at Rossiya — Kultura TV channel. He teaches at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) and has developed the courses "The History of Film" and "Contemporary Film" for Moscow Film School.


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