The Purposeful Museum: sustainable development and storytelling. A lecture by Theo Meereboer

Lecture series: Deciphering contemporaneity: sustainable development, art, and lifestyle culture
7 February 2019


Continuing Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s partner program with the UNIQLO clothing brand, founder of, and museummaker at, Museale Zaak and Heritage 2.0, Theo Meereboer will tell how Museums can become more socially purposeful and work on sustainable development goals (SDG), based on their identity and core values.

Whether we look at it globally, regionally or locally, museums nowadays not only have a responsibility to safeguard works of art and offer a place to have conversations about culture and heritage, but need to take action to become socially purposeful. That means not only working on informal education in addition to what schools can offer, or work on accessibility for people with special needs. It also means developing programs together with diverse stakeholders, based on both life values and economic value. Therefore museums need to understand how their identity incorporates these values and how they can develop sustainable programs together with their stakeholders and sponsors to contribute to, for instance, social needs, environmental developments or economic activity.


Theo Meereboer is founder of, and museummaker at, Museale Zaak (Museum Affairs), a small office for idea development, museum concepts and sustainable engagement strategy. He is founder of Heritage 2.0 (erfgoed 2.0), and other networks for heritage professionals. He is a museums consultant, speaker, and also lecturer at the Reinwardt Academy (Amsterdam University of the Arts), currently coordinating research on storytelling and socially purposeful museums. Recently he was head curator of the Museum of Technology HEIM/CREA in Hengelo, where he was responsible for the integration of art, technology education, and heritage in the to be renovated museum. Currently he is working at the Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem on the new museology, strategy and programming for the museum.



Free admission with advance registration. 

The lecture will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.


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