Teens Day: Vaudeville Lab


From 30 May 2021




Garage Kids' Studio
Teens Day: Vaudeville LabTeens Day: Vaudeville Lab


Marina Shamova of Techno-Poetry Cooperative will run a vaudeville lab for teenagers based on the cooperative’s phantasmagorical video-vaudeville No Avoiding the Apocalypse!.

Selected episodes from the video vaudeville will be offered to participants as a conceptual basis for lab practice. For example, the episode Bold Interspecies Connections will be explored through physical and performative practices of mutation and artistic pushing of interspecies boundaries. The episode Aria of Precarity and Self-Employment will serve as an inspiration for the writing and performance of dialogues on labor questions that concern the participants. Fragments of musical works for the video vaudeville will be an entry point to a rap lab.

In the final discussion, participants will become “future agents” and continue to search for answers to the question posed at the end of the first episode of the video vaudeville: “where do we seek refuge?”

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes (with a break)


The lab is open to young people aged 14 to 18.
Admission is free with advance registration.
Masks and gloves must be worn at all events.