shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival. National Competition MADE IN RUSSIA 1


From 19 October 2019




Garage Auditorium


Shnit’s national competition features the best shorts made in Russia over the past few years. The program includes a sports drama, a picture about the release of hostages, an homage to the Soviet avant-garde, and much more.

The screening will be followed by a meeting with the filmmakers.


A foreign diplomat is kidnapped in late 1990s’ Moscow. The police offer the kidnapper an exchange, but instead of the promised representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a special agent gets into his car. The film is based on real events.

Director: Axinja Gog
Russia, 2019. 24 min. 18+

Just Die, Juliet

Maria Vladimirovna is a strict and demanding coach. Her students don’t simply skate: they must be warriors willing to fight until the bitter end and make any sacrifices for victory. This is also how Maria Vladimirovna has brought up her daughter. And then sacrificed her, when it was needed for the cause.

Just Die, Juliet
Director: Maksim Shabalin
Russia, 2019. 20 min. 16+

Women’s Dorm

In the early 1980s, Roma comes to Moscow to study at the university. But when he finds himself living at the women’s student halls, he rethinks his life to try understand what he really wants in life.

Women’s Dorm
Director: Andrey Krechetov
Russia, 2019. 20 min. 16+


To get fuel for a stalled tractor, the protagonist has to heroically fight against indifferent nature.

Director: Mikhail Arkhipov
Russia, 2019. 25 min. 18+


Misha and Alice are in a relationship. They share the same tastes and understand each other perfectly. There is one catch: Alice is an artificial intelligence. One day, Misha meets a pretty girl whose profile is not on the database, and Misha gets carried away.

Director: Vasilisa Kuzmina
Russia, 2018. 15 min. 16+


Standard: 400 RUB


 Garage Members: 200 RUB

Concessions for pensioners, veterans, large families, and visitors with disabilities (with one carer): 200 RUB*

To book members’ tickets, call +7 (499) 345-10-00 or email Booked tickets must be paid for no later than 30 minutes before the screening.

Film will be shown in original language with Russian subtitles.
Screening accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.

*Please bring proof of eligibility