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26 August 2017


A cult film by British director Sally Potter is adapted from Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same name and stars Tilda Swinton.

A young poet Orlando living in seventeenth-century England dreams of devoting his life to pure art. The elderly Queen Elizabeth I orders him to never fade, and so Orlando stays forever young to travel through time and space, exploring cultures, until one day, after a long sleep, wakes up a woman… The transformation, which helps Orlando discover his sexuality and true love, has become a symbol of a new and beautiful universal human, freed from gender stereotypes and living in harmony with herself.


Director Sally Potter

UK, Russia, Italy, France, Netherlands, 1992. 94 min.



Free admission with advance registration.

The film will be screened in Native language with Russian subtitles.

The screening is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors.


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