Due to construction work in Gorky Park, we recommend you use the entrance from Leninsky Prospekt.

17 April 2016
5:00–19:00 pm


Hockney is a collage of archival interviews and stories told by the artist’s friends and models.

David Hockney, one of the leaders of British pop art, still makes the same colorful paintings that made him famous in the 1960s, when he left rainy Britain for sunny Los Angeles. Since then, even when painting the gray landscapes of Yorkshire, he adds to them the vibrant colors of California. Today, he also experiments with new technology and exhibits works made on an iPad. Devoted to one of contemporary art’s most acclaimed masters, Hockney is a collage of archival interviews and stories told by the artist’s friends and models. The film is as light and heartwarming as the works of the artist, who, once inspired by Andy Warhol, has been painting a bleak world in a bright way for over 50 years.


Randall Wright. UK, 2014. 112 minutes


Arteholic is a program of screenings that focuses on art obsessions, prepared by Garage in collaboration with the PERFORM Festival. The program takes a look at artists in the late 20thcentury who have chosen art as a revolutionary modus operandi or who have a penchant for obsessive collecting. Two films explore the darker aspects of a passion for art: the way it can make people break the law in order to enlighten others, or the way it can become the only way of communicating with the outside world. All films will be screened in Russia for the first time.


All films will be screened in the original language with Russian subtitles.

Free admission, advance registration required.



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