Arteholic screenings


From 15 April 2016 to 17 April 2016


Garage Auditorium


These six feature films from the PERFORM Festival provide insight into the little-know theories of conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, give a glimpse into the life of collector and actor Udo Kier, tell the stories of painter David Hockney, and more.

Arteholic is a program of screenings that focuses on art obsessions, prepared by Garage in collaboration with the PERFORM Festival. The program takes a look at artists in the late 20th century who have chosen art as a revolutionary modus operandi or who have a penchant for obsessive collecting. Two films explore the darker aspects of a passion for art: the way it can make people break the law in order to enlighten others, or the way it can become the only way of communicating with the outside world. All films will be screened in Russia for the first time.

The films featured in the program were selected not only based on subject matter, but also on their cinematic and artistic merits, and will prove interesting to those exploring the language and sensibility of contemporary documentary filmmaking.



PERFORM is an annual festival of films about art established by Reflexion Films in 2016. This year, it will take place in Moscow from April 13 to 24. Exploring the role of individuals in art, the festival program is dominated by documentaries. PERFORM aims to promote interest in the latest developments in international art.  The films will also be screened in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, and other cities. 

Reflexion Films is an independent distribution company specializing in rare and extraordinary films. The latest releases include the feature films Elixir and Nakhodka, as well as the documentaries Karski & The Lords of Humanity, Rock Apocalypse 3D, Atlantis of the Russian North, and The Night Will Fall.  


Garage Screen is a regular program of art films, documentaries, and experimental videos that run in parallel to Garage Exhibitions. The program has the goal of presenting recent Russian art house films and international artists’ experiments to a Moscow audience.


Friday, April 15

19:00  Garage Auditorium 


Hermann Vaske. Germany, 2014. 82 minutes


Arteholic is a strange trip around some of the world’s art meccas.


Saturday, April 16

13:00  Garage Auditorium 

Art and Craft

Sam Cullman. USA, 2014. 89 minutes


Focusing on art obsessions this film tells the story of eccentric and prolific American art forger Mark Landis.


Saturday, April 16

15:00 Garage Auditorium

Abandoned Goods

Pia Borg, Edward Lawrenson. UK, 2014. 37 minutes

This is a short film essay about an extraordinary collection of artworks created by patients of the Netherne psychiatric hospital between 1946 and 1981.


Saturday, April 16

18:00  Garage Auditorium

Sol LeWitt

Chris Teerink. USA/Netherlands/Italy, 2012. 87 minutes


Film about one of the founders of conceptual art and minimalism who dramatically changed our understanding of art.


Sunday, April 17

15:00  Garage Auditorium 


Even Benestad, August B. Hanssen. Norway, 2011. 73 minutes


The film is the result of the three years the two documentarians spent with the artist, who tried to change the world but ended up on the brink of losing everything.


Sunday, April 17

17:00  Garage Auditorium


Randall Wright. UK, 2014. 112 minutes

Hockney is a collage of archival interviews and stories told by the artist’s friends and models.




how to take part

All films will be screened in the original language with Russian subtitles.

Free admission, advance registration required.


Priority booking for GARAGE cardholders. Please send requests to