Screening 2021. Program 2


From 03 October 2021




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Screening 2021. Program 2Screening 2021. Program 2


The second day’s program is composed of three acts. Using her hooligan alias Shadowax, Mirabella Karyanova will deliver a surreal AV performance visualizing techno music’s muscle mass. Art cybernetics and mechanical sound design apologist :: vtol :: will revision the trills of nightingales and starlings, appearing on stage as a futuristic robotic bird. Electronic musician and composer Dima Anikin will team up with artist Tanya Akhmetgalieva to perform a Leonid Lipavsky inspired audiovisual performance to the accompaniment of a string trio.

Strobe lighting will be used at this event. It is not recommended for spectators with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities.

Sunday, October 3


resequence (Dima Anikin) and Tanya Akhmetgalieva

St. Petersburg composer and electronic musician Dima Anikin (aka resequence) has an unusually extensive performing experience that ranges from chamber theater venues to giant underground raves, from musical and poetry performances with Pavel Pepperstein to synthesizer experimentations with Alva Noto. Despite being so diverse, however, his projects have a common denominator: all of them focus on dramaturgy and are based around a narrative. It is no less important that Anikin is constantly searching for new mediums to convey his musical ideas, supplementing synthesizer instruments with kalimbas, guitars, or even a chromatic tuning fork.

For Screening 2021, Anikin is preparing a collaboration with a string trio and artist Tanya Akhmetgalieva, who works with 3D graphics, animation, and generative video. The AV performance Blackout is inspired by the book A Group of Friends Abandoned by Fate—a collection of philosophical and esoteric texts by writers from the circle of Daniil Kharms and other authors associated with Leningrad’s Chinari intellectual community, and in particular with Leonid Lipavsky. Setting out on an artistic exploration of the nature of horror, the artists will reflect on personal, collective, and universal time; Tanya's sparkling black graphics will, in turn, operate as a metaphor for concentrated emptiness.


Artist Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov stands apart from his numerous colleagues. Mixing mechanics, cybernetics, sound art, and an existential view of natural processes in his practice, Morozov creates installations and art objects that resemble the most bizarre sci-fi inventions. A mechanical double bass based on a metal ruler, a breath-controlled head organ, or a robotic orchestra that can be conducted using the noncontact leap motion technology.

As he continues to explore the physiology of the world around, this time ::vtol:: will take the role of an ornithologist, or, at least, make an appropriate appearance. During his performance, the artist will demonstrate an extensive palette of bird trills, which, among other things, will acquire an additional synthetic expansion. The “vocal” process will be subjected to detailed analysis in a graphic form, while the performers, including the artist himself, will appear as anthropomorphic and futuristic birds, leaving the viewer to determine where lies the border between scientific data and artistic grotesque.

Shadowax. Rocks

Shadowax is the frivolous alter ego of one of the Russian electronic scene’s main heroines, Ishome. Whereas Mirabella’s main project produces introverted soundscapes full of melancholy and otherworldly charm, in the guise of Shadowax, she demonstrates maximum emancipation, embarking on the most extreme experiments and not denying herself self-irony. Arrhythmic techno and eccentric hardcore, allusions to pop music and creepy hip hop variations: her varied repertoire remains one of Shadowax’s signature styles.

For Screening 2021, Mirabella is preparing an audiovisual show to highlight the surreal nature of her music. Combining her own video essays made on the iPhone, naive generative graphics, and theatrical elements, Shadowax will enact a performance at the intersection of abstraction and absurdity. Blurring the boundaries between the stage and the screen will have a disorienting effect on the viewer, creating a feeling of absolute phantasmagoria. 


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