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Screening 2021. A joint program of Garage Screen and Fields Festival of Inventive Music


The team at Garage Screen and Fields Festival of Inventive Music present their second joint program, Screening 2021, comprising two days of audiovisual performances.

On October 2 and 3, various sound mediums will be visualized onscreen at Garage Screen summer cinema. Zen punk will be presented through kinetic art and dance performance, graphic glitch will become an illustration for ornithological sound design, while techno dance expression will be converted into real muscle mass.

The emergence of cinema and animation in the twentieth century gave a second life to many literary works. Directors took on the role of translators, transforming books into moving pictures and thus spurring mass interest toward the original texts. In the YouTube and TikTok era, the importance of moving imagery has increased even more, with visual content capturing our attention almost entirely as the most accessible language of communication. The visual has also become the shortest path to understanding music. As it turned out, it can also be adapted for the screen.


Standard: 1300 rubles

 GARAGE cardholders: 1000 RUB.

We recommend that you buy tickets in advance. All ticket categories are available online.

* Please show proof of eligibility at the cinema entrance

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