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From 9 October 2020




Garage Screen summer cinema


The first day’s program consists of three performances. Avant-guard guitarist Pavel Dodonov and artist TAU will create an improvisation using complex sound forms and an invented language of graphic symbols. Saxophonist Alexander Serechenko aka solo.operator, who experiments with gadgets and prepared instruments, will present a collaboration with Katya Pryanik and a neural network that they have programmed to create visual forms. Headliners on this day are ADMI (an Ensemble of Children’s Musical Instruments), whose toys, used to produce sounds, will also become protagonists in a visual story.

Friday, October 9


solo.operator and Katya Pryanik

A neural network produces visual responses to sound: multi-instrumentalist Alexander Serechenko (solo.operator) will make sound loops using a saxophone and effects, and media artist Katya Pryanik will interpret them in simple drawings, which a neural network will then read and transform into similar-looking objects, from houses and plants to space, sky, and chaos.

Pavel Dodonov and TAU

Expressive musical avant-garde meets intuitive graphics: Pavel Dodonov and Sergey Taushanov (TAU) will present a collaborative improvisation with a guitar and paint.

Guitarist Pavel Dodonov has co-authored four albums by the Russian rapper Dolphin and recently joined the rock band DDT. In his solo projects, however, he does not shy away from experiments with industrial and ambient music. An extremely versatile instrument, the guitar can be used to produce melodies as well as rhythms, quiet chords, and overwhelming noise passages, and Dodonov knows how to open up its potential. An organic visual extension to Dodonov’s music, TAU’s equally expressive interactive graphics are based on a symbolic language of his own invention.


ADMI (in Russian) stands for the Ensemble of Children’s Musical Instruments. Since the launch of the project, its ideologist Andrey Golovin has collected over 200 kids’ musical instruments and sound-producing toys, which form the core of his set-up. Those plastic synthesizers and toy guns might have been made for children, but ADMI use them to record very mature compositions, as sweet to the ear as they are explosive on the dancefloor.

Apart from music, ADMI have a visual aspect to them, which is, of course, the toys themselves. For their performance at Garage, the collective will write a proper toy story using a Lego train track, toy tanks, and one of ADMI’s mascots—a dog that nods to the music.


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