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Public program for the exhibition Slow Release

Yin Xiuzhen. Slow Release
1 October – 24 November 2016


The public program for the exhibition SLOW RELEASE includes a lecture by the curator of the project Snejana Krasteva, and a kids’ workshop that will help deepen viewers’ understanding of the artist’s approach in her practice. A selection of books on Chinese contemporary art will be available at Garage Library throughout the exhibition.

On October 1, kids from the ages seven to twelve will be able to work with Yin to create their ideal city, inspired by her ongoing series of miniature “Portable cities” (2001-). For this series, the artist reproduced about forty cities including Moscow inside suitcases made from used clothing.

On November 24, the project's curator Snejana Krasteva will give a talk on Yin’s work within the broader context of how contemporary art in China has been developing over past few years, with a particular focus on female artists that have emerged from there.

Committed to engaging children and adults with developmental disorders in cultural activities, Garage will also organize free tours and workshops for visitors with disabilities. Yin’s work will be used as a sort of “sensory deprivation capsule”, a perfect place for visitors with autism spectrum disorder to rest while visiting the Museum.

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