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Personal Body Enhancement and Feedback using the Theremin Principle

Art Experiment: Laboratories of Earthly Survival
5–6 January 2018


The workshop by member of Hackteria, Urs Gaudenz, explores the ability of the human body to affect the world around it without physical contact, taking human interaction with a theremin as a starting point.

A Theremin is an electronic musical instrument created by Russian inventor Lev Theremin in 1920. Playing the theremin does not require physical contact with the instrument: the player controls the frequency by changing the position of their hands in relation to the theremin’s antennae. The body of the player becomes part of the instrument.

Organized as part of this year’s Art Experiment, the workshop will allow participants to learn how to assemble a theremin and interact with it.

The workshop’s special guest Peter Theremin —the great grandson of the instrument’s inventor and the head of Russia’s Theremin School—will demonstrate how the instrument is played.

For further information on the project please see the OpenTheremin website.


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