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Art Experiment: Laboratories of Earthly Survival


From 19 December 2017 to 8 January 2018




West gallery

This year, the eighth annual Garage Art Experiment features immersive installations and workshops by Russian and international artists, scientists, biohackers, and engineers, exploring questions of ecology and future survival. Developed at the intersection of art, science, and technology, this multidisciplinary project allows visitors to experience various imaginary perspectives for our environment and get directly involved in “hacking” life sciences by taking part in alternative biological, genetic, and robot-engineering experiments.

Science fiction is not prescriptive; it is descriptive.

— Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

Art Experiment: Laboratories of Earthly Survival


Adults — 500 rubles
Students — 400 rubles (20% off)
GARAGE cardholders — 400 rubles (20% off)
Children (7–17 years old) — 250 rubles

Large families (three or more children):

With children under 7 — 250 rubles for adults, free admission for children
With children over 7 — 500 rubles for adults, free admission for children 

Children under 7
Visitors with disabilities, with one carer
International Council of Museums (ICOM) members
International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM) members


 Under the Radiation Falls ticket holders can access Art Experiment on the same day after 20:30 for free.


Electronic Wildertree Wrekshop

Paul Granjon

Imagine the following scenario: trees have disappeared and waste is scattered all over the planet, a fairly probable future. To prepare for this eventuality, Paul Granjon will lead groups of participants in building robotic trees out of printers, blenders, toys, radios, and other electronic waste. These can by no means replace real trees, but a tree made of e-waste shows that there is life in discarded materials and that imagination is key to survival. Electronic Wildertree Wrekshop invites children and adults to take part, and learn to rebuild nature in order to become the creators of a new race of robotic trees.

The artist will be present during Week 1 only. During Weeks 2 and Week 3, the wrekshop will be run by Museum staff.

Preserve Your Yesterday

Where Dogs Run

Do you want to make sure your favorite song will survive any kind of disaster? Visitors of all ages and abilities are invited to this workshop developed by the collective Where Dogs Run, where they will be taught how to preserve the word “yesterday”—from the Beatles song of the same name—in a glass jar and will then be able to take it home. The workshop expands the ideas explored by the group in the exhibition, but where their installation is largely focused on the future, the workshop is about the importance of the past. Preserve your own Yesterday for personal use with an individually-designed sticker for you to document the date when you did so.

Urban Ikebana

Anastasia Potemkina

The flora we find scattered unnoticed in cities is a good example of survival against the odds. The innate vitality of plants that can withstand the increasingly unfavorable conditions of the urban environment inspired Anastasia Potemkina to devise workshops around a new kind of urban ikebana. Combining the traditional principles of elegant simplicity highlighted by the natural beauty of the materials used, this new ikebana uses rebellious urban flora such as moss, self-sown trees, and seeds entwined with the landscape underfoot: gravel, asphalt, and tiles. Working in a team and individually, workshop participants will learn to observe the beauty of untamed nature in the urban environment and to bring it to light for others to see.


December 19–22: 16:00–18:00, 18:30–20:30
December 23–24: 11:00–13:00, 13:30–15:30, 16:00–18:00, 18:30–20:30


West Gallery

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