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Interactive Sound Installation: The Kinetic and the Static. A Lecture by Nikolay Khrust

Public program for the exhibition The Other Trans-Atlantic
26 April 2018


Visitors will learn about and see examples of various types of interactive sound installations. They will also have an opportunity to interact with the algorithm of a work by composer, sound designer, and Moscow Conservatory lecturer Nikolay Khrust.

The talk introduces visitors to the interactive sound installation—a relatively new syncretic art form that has emerged at the intersection of sound and visual practices and which borrows from various disciplines, such as static and kinetic sculpture, installation, sound art, science art, and music. 

The unique character of interactive sound installation comes from the combination of opposites: static sculpture and the time-based medium of music; the object’s immersion in its own complex audiovisual world and its openness to the viewer. The lecture will look at how the making of sound for such installations is different from the writing of classical musical compositions. Visitors will also be able to interact with Khrust’s sound work.


Nikolay Khrust (b. 1982, Moscow) is a composer, sound designer, lecturer in Contemporary Music at the Moscow Conservatory and former researcher at the Moscow Conservatory Centre for Electroacoustic Music (2007–2014). Khrust is a member of the Moscow Union of Composers and Sound Plasticity group. He has been composer in residence at CIRM (Nice) and GRAME (Lyon) and is currently resident at Meyerhold Center in Moscow. He has won many Russian and international competitions, including the 2nd and 4th Jurgenson Competition for Young Composers and Radio Orpheus Competition. As a sound designer, he has contributed to a number of Russian and world premieres, exhibitions, installations and multimedia projects, including the acoustic performance Sotvorenie mira [Creation of the World] at Meyerhold Center. Khrust also performs as an electronic musician and sound designer in Russia and abroad.


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