New Experience Day at Garage


From 26 June 2016




Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
New Experience Day at GarageNew Experience Day at Garage


Russia's So–Edinenie Deaf-Blind Support Fund and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invite visitors to take part in a program of events in honor of the International Day of the Deafblind.

International Day of the Deafblind takes place on June 27, the birthday of world-famous deafblind American writer Helen Keller. Keller (1880–1968) was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Despite being unable to see or hear, she was a political activist and philanthropist who published more than ten books during her lifetime.

Join the annual New Experience Day at Garage to explore new ways of interacting with art.


Sunday, June 26

15:00  Garage Auditorium

Film Screening: Word in Hand

Yury Malyugin’s documentary, exploring the everyday life of deafblind people, was produced by Ostrov Film Studio in collaboration with So–Edinenie Deaf-Blind Support Fund and the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Sunday, June 26

13:00–14:00  Garage Auditorium

Literary Readings

Moscow theater actors read prose and poetry by deafblind authors.

Sunday, June 26

15:00–16:30  Garage Atrium

Sign Language Workshop

In this workshop with Vlad Kolesnikov, Inclusive Programs Manager at Garage, visitors will learn the basics of sign language and will have the opportunity to practice their new skills through interacting with deafblind participants.

Limited to 12 participants.

Sunday, June 26

14:00–15:30  Garage Atrium


Learn the basics of Chinese Wǔ Xíng painting in a workshop with deafblind artists.

Limited to 6 participants.

Sunday, June 26

14:00–15:30  Garage Atrium

Workshop inspired by Rashid Johnson’s installation Within Our Gates 

A brief tour will introduce visitors to the concept of installation, and show how artists can express themselves with the help of everyday objects. Participants will discuss the concept of responsibility in art and find out why Rashid Johnson has used living plants in his work. Seeing and deafblind visitors are also invited to make Biedermeier flower arrangements with sponge bases in the shape of iconic 20th century artworks in a workshop run by a florist and a Garage guide. Participants will learn about the symbolism of plants and how a flower arrangement can become an artistic statement. They are welcome to take the compositions they have made home.

Sunday, June 26