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New exhibitions preview for GARAGE Cardholders

30 January 2020


On January 30, Garage cardholders are welcome to a preview of the Museum’s two new exhibition projects “We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams” and Atelier E.B.: Passer-by, as well as the monumental installation Exercises in Construction, Bending by Monika Sosnowska, the latest Garage Atrium Commission. Cardholders are also invited to explore the ongoing show Sekretiki: Digging Up Soviet Underground Culture, 1966–1985.

The Museum will run overview guided tours (see the schedule). Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss the projects over a cup of tea in the rooftop pavilion that will be open throughout the day.

"We Treasure Our Lucid Dreams." The Other East and Esoteric Knowledge in Russian Art, 19051969

This is the result of a major research project undertaken by the team at Garage together with Samarkand-based art critic Alexey Ulko and Russian artist Alexandra Sukhareva. The works exhibited bear witness to the lives, creativity, and personal tragedies of those people living in the Russian Empire, and then the Soviet Union, in the first half of the twentieth century whose explorations were closely connected with a “pretersensual” understanding of the world, secret knowledge, closed societies, and mystical practices. Such people often gravitated toward the Soviet East in search of the truth.

Curators: Katya Inozemtseva and Andrey Misiano

Atelier E.B: Passer-by

Atelier E.B is a fashion and art project by designer Beca Lipscombe (Edinburgh) and artist Lucy McKenzie (Brussels). The duo’s exhibition Passer-by is a project created at the intersection of several genres. It combines shop- and museum-style display cabinets, archival materials on fashion, objects from ethnographic museums and international exhibitions, and a pop-up shop where visitors can try on and purchase clothes made by the atelier.

Curators: Daria Bobrenko, Valentin Diaconov, and Oksana Polyakova

Monika Sosnowska. Exercises in Construction, Bending

Monika Sosnowska, the latest artist to produce a Garage Atrium Commission, is best known as a sculptor and installation artist whose work reconsiders the achievements of twentieth-century architecture. In her installation for Garage, Sosnowska remains faithful to her theme: the hyperboloid grid structure of a landmark constructivist building—a style which once embodied technology, durability, and economical design—is bent in half, toppled, and crammed into the Museum’s atrium.

Curator: Anastasia Mityushina

Sekretiki: Digging Up Soviet Underground Culture, 1966–1985

Based on Garage Archive Collection, this project by Riga-based curator Kaspars Vanags explores the human passion for mystery and ritualized secrets. Archive materials are presented within a rich socio-historical context reconstructed through works found in various public and private collections.

Curator: Kaspars Vanags in collaboration with Valentin Diaconov, Andrey Misiano, and Sasha Obukhova, Garage curators

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