Bits of a dream. I am walking past flowerbeds and watering bright green, fresh flower shoots. The following day I find myself in a shop and see wonderful flowers, all open, and I feel like they are my flowers from the flower beds. Some of them are incredible, dark purple, fuzzy flowers with small spheres, others are mint green, then there are various shrub roses, all very beautiful, fresh, and plump. I walk out of the shop because Pasha wants to go further. I walk out and I want to go back and look at them again, but there’s no time. On another day, I go looking for that flower shop but cannot find it. I find myself in a big food store, and I am walking around it fast, running and sliding on the floor looking for those flowers, but they are nowhere to be seen. For some reason I am completely naked, walking barefoot past various food trays and looking for the greens section. I am passing by boxes of fruit and vegetables and suddenly see giant green pears shaped like the torso of Venus de Milo, with breasts and other curves. I am very impressed with these pears and want to buy one. I walk on and find myself in the cheese section. I peek through a door and see cheese being made. I realize this is yet again not what I’m looking for. I leave and run back. The following day I resume the search for my flowers. I run down the street, down a path across lawns, I pass many shops, and it seems that the place has completely changed. Finally, it seems I have found the place. The shop is called Natasha. I enter, but again it’s not the one. Although it has similar flowers, there are far fewer of them and they are not as cool.