Episodes of motherhood, pregnancy, and giving birth are quite common in my dreams. In dreams, I have become a mother at least five times. Several times I have seen myself as a mother of beautiful, curly-haired children. On even more occasions I have seen myself pregnant. This drawing features my latest child, my Asian baby. I decided to draw this dream because I have been living in an Asian tropical place for six months. I am surrounded by Asian eyes and I have every chance to have an Asian baby. But I had this dream six years ago. In the dream, I saw the birth from start to finish, and it was like I didn’t know that I would have a baby. It happened kind of spontaneously, I had not prepared for the birth of the child and nobody came to meet me when I left the maternity ward, because no one even knew I was pregnant. At home, I put the girl on my bed, as nothing in my apartment was adapted for newborns. When my daughter fell asleep, I casually got dressed and went to Arma to dance all night.