Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble: Concert at Garage Library

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble: Concert at Garage LibraryMoscow Contemporary Music Ensemble: Concert at Garage Library


Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble will perform live at Garage Library as part of the Quiet, Please program of chamber music concerts.

The performance at the library entitled Quiet, Please will include a variety of music pieces that explore silence in the context of both sound and performative mediums. Solo compositions will intermingle with scores written for ensembles, encompassing a stylistically vast panorama of compositional practice, from medieval to contemporary music.

Concert program

István Zelenka “How to Get Rid of Binarity” for the ensemble

David Lang “This was written by hand” for solo piano

Edison Denisov “Birds’ Singing” for solo flute

Toru Takemitsu “Air” for solo flute

Guillaume de Machaut “Riches d’amour et mendiants d’amie” for the ensemble

Gérard Grisey “Charme for solo clarinet

David Lang “Sweet Air” for the ensemble

Olga Rayeva “Hymn” for solo cello

Salvatore Sciarrino “Lo spazzio inverso” for the ensemble

Giacinto Scelsi “L’âme ailée” for solo violin

Antoine Beuger “Méditations poétiques sur quelque chose d’autre” for the ensemble


Ivan Bushuev, flute

Oleg Tantsov, clarinet

Mikhail Dubov, keyboard

Evgeny Subbotin, violin

Ilya Rubinstein, cello


Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME) is an independent professional collective that brings together top Russian musicians—experts in the field of contemporary music performing art. Created by composer Yuri Kasparov in 1990, with close involvement of the leading Russian avant-garde musician Edison Denisov, MCME became the first Russian collective aimed at the promotion of twentieth- and twenty-first-century music and the support of contemporary composers.


Free admission with advance registration