Mosaic Music: Ryoji Ikeda


From 18 July 2018


Guests arrive at 21:00 Concert starts at 22:00


Garage Atrium
Mosaic Music: Ryoji IkedaMosaic Music: Ryoji Ikeda


Japanese minimalist electronic composer and visual artist presents his latest live set.

Japanese minimalist electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda works with sound and light. His minimalist yet monumental performances are derived from his expertise in mathematics and information technology. They comprise the public processing of big data, which is transformed into an impressive, hypnotizing mass of sound and black-and-white imagery. On July 18, in Moscow, the award winning artist will present his latest audiovisual set, supercodex [live set], previously played at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris. Released as an album through the German avant-garde label Raster-Noton, the CD supercodex (2013) can be found at codex | edition.

Starting with quiet ambient sounds, Ikeda gradually builds up the volume, speed, and diversity of the soundwave, subtly drifting from noise and glitch to ascetic dance beats and back, while turning sound into data, formulae, and sine waves. Overloading human eyesight and hearing with data, the he creates a working model of the digital world and our potential future, where every object, physical phenomenon, and even human personality can be presented as a cуclopean database which, in turn, can be recoded into sound and then played.

supercodex [live set] accompanies the opening of code-verse a new audio-visual installation by Ryoji Ikeda, created in collaboration with Centre Pompidou, Paris. The installation is the third part of the IAM project (June 8–August 26). Ikeda concert ticket holders can see Ikeda’s new installation for free on the first day of its opening on July 19.

Please note that the Ryoji Ikeda set has a strobe effect in video and high sound levels.


Mosaic Music is part of Garage Live—a special program of events that reflect on the Museum’s building and its architecture. The program features concerts, artist interventions, performances, and lectures.


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