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23 August 2017


Andrey Kovalev welcomes artist Boris Matrosov, the author of the installation No, She Couldn’t Have Known How It Would All… recently exhibited on Garage Rooftop and which has perplexed many Garage visitors.

Matrosov’s neon text object produced as part of Garage Square Commissions program was based on a phrase from his painting made in 2012, which sounded like a fragment of an overheard conversation. With his recent post-conceptual and deliberately simple paintings and objects, Matrosov revisits his earlier works—and explores different forms of public art, like in his work for Garage or his other famous installation Happiness is Not Far in Perm.

Matrosov was a member of the art group World Champions (with Konstantin Latyshev, Andrei Yakhnin, and Giya Abramishvili), which was active in Moscow from 1986 to 1988, and a chairman of KLAVA Club of Avant-Garde Artists. He has worked at the famous studios in Furmanny Lane and Chistiye Prudy, organising pranks and provocations disguised as serious artistic actions together with other Moscow Conceptualists.

With works in the State Tretyakov Gallery and a number of private collections, Matrosov is still active today and exhibits his work in Russia and Europe. He lives and works in Moscow.

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