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Lecture series: Theories and practices of cultural leadership

15 October 2018 – 12 March 2019


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art resume the lecture cycle dedicated to the role of cultural leadership in contemporary world, this year developed in collaboration with the Cultural and Education section of the British Embassy.

Following in the footsteps of the original lecture series, the new program features ten important British cultural leaders representing various fields, who will share their professional experience, detailing the internal and external complications they face while working at their respective organizations. They will also try to explain how a particular figure or cultural institution can change not only the status quo in their given direction, but also play a crucial role in the development of an entire city or country.

Participants of this year’s course will meet with creative directors of the UK’s major art venues, heads of top British museums and galleries, and curators of international festival programs, all of whom will eagerly reveal nuances of their practice, speaking about their favorite projects and some “critical” modern day issues they are trying to solve on a daily basis through their work.

The goal of the program is to show that the notion of “cultural leadership” in the present condition allows the generation of new ideas, meanings and products which, in turn, influence the world and people around. People with completely different backgrounds can become cultural leaders and promoters today: from statesmen and heads of top institutions to curators and producers, entrepreneurs and independent artists.

The inaugurate lecture series was prepared by Garage and the British Council in 2017. The second cycle has been developed by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Cultural and Education section of the British Embassy.

St Petersburg citizens also will have the chance to attend the lectures on New Holland Island.



Free admission with advance registration.

The lectures will be delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Russian.

The lectures are accessible for deaf and hard of hearing visitors and will be interpreted into Russian Sign Language.

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