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9–23 November 2016


The first Russian inclusive debate club invites sighted and blind visitors to discuss works featured in the exhibition and the ideas behind them.

In The Death of the Author, Roland Barthes argues that in literary analysis the figure of the Author should not matter more than that of the Reader. His reasoning could also be applied to visual art.

The first Russian inclusive debate club offers sighted and blind visitors a chance to discuss works featured in Garage exhibitions and discover in them meanings that may or may not have been preconceived by the author.

The coming meetings of the club are devoted to the Slovenian art group Neue Slowenische Kunst, and their works featured in the exhibition NSK: From Kapital to Capital. Most of the pieces in the show were created in the 1980s—a decade of economic and political perturbations before the fall of the old regime and the advent of capitalism. Some of the aspects to be discussed are the opportunities and challenges artists face under capitalism and socialism and how their works reflect their time and the political culture.

Discussions will be moderated by Garage’s inclusive programs manager Galina Novotortseva and a member of Garage Teens Team, who have selected a number of works for each meeting. Sighted participants will get a chance to practice audio description, telling the blind about the works presented in the exhibition, which often allows the speaker to discover new aspects to pieces that seemed familiar. Works from the show will be a starting point for a discussion of social and cultural problems in a broader context.


Wednesday, November 9

19:00–20:30 Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Making Art: Socialism vs Capitalism

Wednesday, November 23

19:00–20:30  Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

State with No Borders: An Art Project or a New Kind of State?

How to take part

Advance booking required, call +7 985 252-47-24 or e-mail

Free with an exhibition ticket.
Admission is free for disabled visitors with one carer.

Transitory Parerga: Access and Inclusion in Contemporary ArtIssue 01 of The Garage Journal

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