Garage screen. The documentary program Architecture. City. After Utopia


Garage Screen summer cinema will be screening documentaries telling stories about a man among a city and a man among men.

The main question the documentary program Architecture. City. After Utopia is trying to answer is—what happens to an object of architecture, a city, a man, when the “great ideas” inherent in any ideology are left in the past. All films of the program talk about metamorphoses of perception of the utopian projects of the past century  and about the laws by which spaces of the new time arise and dwell or, in the words of the program’s curators Natalia Pyilaeva and Alexey Medvedev, about how “the collapse of the grandiose plans of the twentieth century have affected our habitat".

The hero of the picture Architectones, modern French artist Xavier Veyyan—“domesticates” the masterpieces of modernism by arranging an exhibition of sculptures on the roof of Le Corbusier’s “Radiant City” or by frying shish kebab on the grill shaped in the form of a miniature copy of Melnikov's house.
The main characters of the film Dream Empire—several scammers from China—are trying their best to sell apartments in grandiose ghost towns, hastily built according to the precepts of the same Le Corbusier.

The hero of the picture Having a Cigarette with Alvaro Siza, follows the modernist idea, combining the boldness and uncompromising nature of the style with respect for national characteristics and environment.

Invention by modern Canadian artist Mark Lewis speaks about the universal laws of the form, equally inherent in antique statues, paintings of old masters, and the buildings of Niemeyer and Van der Rohe.

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth tells the story of a U.S. public housing project. Over less then twenty years, architectural utopia turned into a sordid criminal ghetto. Its demolition was deplored as “the death of modernism”.


Natalia Pyilaeva is organizer and curator of the Festival. She worked at many international film festivals as coordinator and director of the translation service. Later she began to supervise independent programs and in 2012–2015 she was in charge of the documentary program at the Sakhalin International Film Festival "Edge of the World". Currently she is completing a master's degree in cinematography at RSUH.

Alexey Medvedev in 2000–2006, a member of the selection committee of the Moscow International Film Festival. He worked as a program director of 2morrow (Moscow, 2007-2009), “Mirror” (Ivanovo, 2011), “Two in One” (2009-2012) film festivals. Starting from 2012 he is a program director of the Sakhalin International Film Festival "Edge of the World". Currently he is a curator of the Yakut International Film Festival, director of competitive programs of the international film festival “Message to man”.


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