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20 May 2018


Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and the International “Memorial” Society invite participants to enjoy table games based on twentieth century historical plots.

Visitors will have the chance to engage in a historical game room organized by the “Memorial” Civil Rights, Educational and Charity Society. Anyone is welcome to try out their skills playing “74”—a game based loosely on Russian twentieth century history, or joining “The Queue”—a satirical take on the 1980s Socialist mundane life released by the Polish Institute of National Memory.

“74” is a table game which reconstructs a small historical episode, the history of a single family that develops within the “large” historical context, spanning the entire USSR period (1917–1991). Each participant will impersonate different characters at particular historical landmarks. Depending on each player’s decisions, the development of events may take unexpected turns and even lead to rewriting history books.

The International Civil Rights, Educational and Charity Society “Memorial” is actively working on further improving the game “74”.

In collaboration with the International Civil Rights, Educational and Charity Society “Memorial”.


Free admission

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