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Free overview tour of ongoing exhibitions for blind and partially sighted visitors

15 July – 1 December 2019


The group will explore Graft, a project by the artistic duo Allora & Calzadilla, the installation How to Meet an Angel by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, and the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100. The tour includes the use of tactile models and audio descriptions prepared by Museum staff.

The overview excursion begins with the story behind Graft—a project developed by the Puerto Rican artistic duo Allora & Calzadilla (Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla) for the Garage Square Commissions program. Participants will experience the phantom blooming of Roble Amarillo trees (Tabebuia Crisantha), a common native species in the Caribbean, and will discuss why these gorgeous flowers are used as a visual metaphor for ecological crisis.

The group will then explore the tactile model of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov’s installation How to Meet an Angel displayed for the first time in Russia. The romantic scene and title allude to the recurring theme in the duo’s practice: a small human creature trying to break away from their frail and predictable world.

The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 completes the tour. This large-scale show has brought together historical and newly created works by over fifty artists from Russia and around the globe. Tactile models will help the group to better grasp the idea of this project addressing the future, or, more precisely, the coming world—a future that is in its development and in which the environmental agenda will become one of the key political issues.


Duration: 90 minutes

Free admission for visitors with disability (please bring proof of disability) and one carer.

Registration at least three days before your planned visit is required. To book a tour please call +7 (495) 645–05–20 or email

The tour has been developed by the specialists from Garage’s Inclusive Programs department

We always welcome visitors with guide dogs

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