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First public guided tours delivered by graduates of Garage’s museum guides training course for the Deaf.

13–30 November 2017


The training program for deaf museum guides initiated by Garage last year will conclude with a series of tours in Russian Sign Language at a number of Moscow’s major museums.

In November 2016, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art launched a special training course for nine deaf museum guides, which involved visiting lectures devoted to museum studies, art history, self-presentation skills improvement sessions, critical analysis of data sources, and other professional classes. During the study year, the participants also attended various cultural institutions in Moscow, allowing them to better understand the ongoing exhibitions and the internal structure of museum work.

Collaboration between different museums has played an important role in the education process of deaf guides. One of the course modules, dedicated to the history of art, was held at Moscow’s major museum venues—the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery, and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

In order to complete the inaugural course, each of the graduates will provide their own public excursions delivered in Russian Sign Language that will take place throughout November. Every tour has been prepared individually by the course members, with help from their tutors representing the participating museum institutions.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art would like to thank the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery, and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art for their help in delivering the Introduction to Art History module and organizing the practical section of the program.



Viktoria Berlizova was born in a deaf family in Moscow. Studied at the School for deaf children (NIID) and the Polytechnic college, specializing in ecology. She is the chairwoman of the organization “Hearing children in a deaf family”, and she has two hearing children herself. Berlizova is also first year student at the Russian State Social University, specializing in social work.




Svetlana Bobkova was born in Kerch. Graduate of the State Special Institute of Arts, she has worked as book illustrator, educator at Garage Museum’s Family Days, and has been delivering guided tours in sign language at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts,as well as workshops for the Museum of Russian Impressionism visitors. Bobkova currently runs the workshop “A Journey into a Museum” at Moscow’s school #65, while also doing her Masters at the Moscow Pedagogical State University, specializing in World Culture and Museum and Exhibition Studies.



Mikhail Veselov was born in a Moscow based hearing family. For six years, he studied together with hearing pupils before moving to Moscow’s school #30 for deaf and hard of hearing children. Veselov studied at the Librarian College (librarian); at the Lenin Moscow Pedagogical State University (teacher of deaf and hard of hearing children, psychologist); and at the University of History of Cultures graduating with a degree on journalism. He has worked at the magazine V edinom stroyu,, as a reporter for the newspaper Mir Glukhih (The World of the Deaf), as PR manager at the Perspektiva LLC, and since 2011, has been editor-in-chief of the Mir Glukhih newspaper. He writes poems, some of which have been included in the compilation Poetry of Russian Deaf Poets. Veselov has been a canoe tourism addict since young age.


Artur Vodolagin was born in a hearing family. He lives in Moscow and is currently studying design and international sign language. Previously, he received training in sports, dancing, sign singing, and acting. Loves traveling and new experiences.




Anna Doronkova was born in a deaf family in Omsk. Since childhood she has attended art school and has always loved to draw. In 2016 she graduated from the Russian State Special Art Academy (environmental design). Doronkova believes that art can make people happy and sad, and help them distance from everyday problems and reconsider some of their actions.




Lyudmila Zhadan was born in Moscow and studied at the School #30 named after K. Mikaelyan. In 1999, she graduated from the philological faculty of the Lenin Moscow Pedagogical State University (Russian literature and language teacher, with merit). In 2013 Zhadan did a training course on the methodology of teaching Russian Sign Language at the Zaitseva Education and Sign Language Center for Deaf People. Author of articles for the V edinom stroyu magazine and the newspaper Mir Glukhih. Lyudmila Zhadan is married and has three deaf children.



Pavel Rodionov was born in a deaf family in Samara. Graduate of the Samara College of Technology and Design (decorative arts and folk crafts) and the Russian State Special Art Academy (2014, film and theater actor, with merit) and has been a participant in many theatrical spectacles and performances in Russia and Europe. He has taught Russian Sign Language for children and has completed a training course in international sign language and British Sign Language (BSL). Rodinov worked as international sign language translator for participants of the 2016 Eurovision in Stockholm, Sweden. He was involved in preparation of the Russian Sign Language video guide accompanying Robert Longo’s exhibition Proof at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Author, director, script writer, cinematographer, editor and actor of many music videos, journalistic reports, and video ads.


Gennady Tichenko was born in a deaf family and studied at the School #101 for deaf children. Graduate of the Russian State Social University (management and economics). Interested in the deaf community history. Technical editor of the VOGinfo website, he also works as a correspondent. One of the leading members of the deaf youth movement. Tikhonenko is married and has two children.

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