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17 June 2021


An ironic mockumentary about indie musician St. Vincent, and the deceptive images of stars.

Annie Clarke, a.k.a. St. Vincent, wants to make a documentary about herself and her tour and invites her best friend, Sleater-Kinney singer and Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein to direct it. Clarke, however, turns out to be a pretty dull character who plays scrabble after gigs, goes to bed early, and eats radishes—and Brownstein suggests that they add a bit of drama to her life. As the drama kicks in, it gets harder to tell Annie Clark from St. Vincent and the reality from the staged scenes designed to shock the viewer. The protagonists themselves seem to get increasingly confused—or, perhaps, they are pretending? The film's actual director is not Brownstein, but Bill Benz, who directed a few episodes of Portlandia. This is one of the many tricks this strange mockumentary thriller plays on the audience. The only real events in it are St. Vincent's actual gigs.

The Nowhere Inn
Director: Bill Benz
USA, 2020. 91 min. 16+


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