Family Day: Plant Land

Family Day: Plant LandFamily Day: Plant Land


Garage invites visitors to embark on a journey, with assistance from the Museum's educators, and get acquainted with the plant theme—both in the Triennial's exhibition space and in Gorky Park! Guiding the participants will be the works by Anastasia Kaineanung, Karina Sadreeva-Nurieva, and Anton Kushaev.


Children aged 5–12 are invited to take part.

Free with advance registration.

The event is accessible for blind and visually impaired visitors, deaf and hearing impaired visitors and visitors with developmental and learning disabilities.


Thematic tour of the Triennial's Plant Land space

The journey through Plant Land will begin with a tour of the display: Garage's guides will take the group along the Triennial's plant route, explaining how artists Karina Sadreeva-Nureeva, Zoya Lebedeva, Anton Kushaev, and Anastasia Kaineanung address the floral theme.



A walk around Gorky Park: Creating a Plant Profile

This learning walk in Gorky Park is dedicated to the theme of interaction and communication with nature and is inspired by project by Anastasia Kaineanung Plant Reporter. For one hour, members of the walk, led by its authors, will learn about Gorky Park's vegetation, filling out a special questionnaire regarding their plant of choice in the process. What does the plant think about? Does it like its habitat? What character does it have? Participants of the walk will try to find answers to these and similar questions.


Garage Square in front of the Museum

Marathon of Art Techniques: Herbarium Workshop

Inspired by plant motifs in the artist Anton Kushaev's practice, participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to create a herbarium-based work, preceded by a discussion dedicated to the role of herbariums in the lives of collectors, naturalists, and artists. 


Garage Mezzanine

Meet the Artist: Karina Sadreeva-Nurieva

During the first "Meet the Artist" talk within the Family Days program, children aged 8–12 will get to know Karina Sadreeva-Nurieva in person. Karina will speak about her greenhouse exhibited at Garage Triennial, as well as its picturesque inhabitants, that is, plants. This will help to understand plants better and look at them from a new angle. Participants will also explore some ideas shared by the botanists, who believed that plants could think and develop self-awareness.

During the practical part of the session, everyone will be able to capture the spirit of a selected plant using paints.

Karina Sadreeva-Nurieva (b. 1992, Omsk) works with graphics, painting, and objects. She graduated in Monumental and Decorative Art from the Faculty of Arts of Omsk State Pedagogical University. Sadreeva-Nurieva implements semiautomatic drawing in her practice, the central subject of which is the realm of anthropomorphic plant creatures, plant spirits, and their friends. She tackles the gap between the real and the imagined, interspersing her works with elements of the anti-rational and natural. Her personal show Why Painting? (together with Varvara Simonova) took place in the communal art gallery Egorka in St. Petersburg (2019). Participant of the #безграниц ("borderless") street art festival (Theater of the Young Spectator, Omsk, 2015) and the program Garage Studios and Artist Residences (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2020). She lives and works in Moscow.


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