Family Day at Garage


From 21 May 2017




Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Family Day at Garage Family Day at Garage


This Family Day at Garage is part of the second Garage Art Book Fair.

The day’s program includes illustration and paper modelling workshops, learning games and tours of the exhibition Kholin and Sapgir. Manuscript, which will introduce young visitors to various aspects of book production.

The meeting is accessible for people with disabilities. Guidance and facilitation will be provided by staff members trained in Russian Sign Language who are also skilled in assisting blind and visually impaired visitors, and visitors with developmental and learning disabilities.


Sunday, May 21

13:00–17:00  Garage Mezzanine

3D Postcard Workshop

How do you build an entire paper world that fits into one postcard? Participants will learn to make fold-out books with cut-out illustrations, and design their own 3D postcards.

13:00–17:00  Garage Atrium

Illustration Workshop

Illustrating a book is not a simple task, but it is exciting. How does text relate to images? How do we transfer images from our head onto paper and how do we convey the author’s ideas? Drawing on works by some of the best-known illustrators, teachers will introduce participants to the basics of book design and help them make their own illustrations.

15:00–16:00   Garage Mezzanine

Who Is Lexicon?

Who is Lexicon and where does he live? He’s a magician of words who helps kids and grown-ups communicate and tell stories about the world. You can meet him in Lexicon. A Book for Children and Their Clever Parents by Nikita Zamekhovsky-Megalokardi. In this workshop, children and parents will find out how to get rid of filler words, learn the stories behind some unusual words and play fun word-games.

Participation in this event requires a separate registration


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Free admission with advance registration