Family Day: A Sea of Sounds

Family Day: A Sea of SoundsFamily Day: A Sea of Sounds


Entitled A Sea of Sounds, the year 2020's final Family Day will introduce the works on show at the Triennial that involve sound as a medium. Visitors will have the opportunity to try autodrawing—a technique that Anna Tereshkina implements in her practice, and create a musical landscape, as in the video work by Alexander Agafonov.


Children aged 5–12 are invited to take part.

Free with advance registration.

The event is accessible for blind and visually impaired visitors, deaf and hearing impaired visitors and visitors with developmental and learning disabilities.


Thematic tour of the Triennial's A Sea of Sounds space

Garage's guides will take visitors along the Triennial's melodic route, explaining how sound accompanying an artwork complements it and how visual context can be built around a sound art piece. The guided tour participants will listen to works and learn how to connect what they hear with what they see.



Marathon of Art Techniques: Auto-Drawing Workshop

While executing her work for the Triennial, the artist Anna Tereshkina sought inspiration from the audio recordings of her grandmother's memories. Basically, anyone is able to try and make an artwork using sound. Participants of the auto-drawing workshop will experiment in developing visual stories using this technique: the process of creation will take place parallel to the listening of audio stories. The group will learn more about unconscious drawing and writing—a technique that was popular with the surrealist poets who gathered around André Breton.


Garage Mezzanine

Marathon of Art Techniques: Sonification Workshop

Participants will be introduced to sonification—a method allowing the translation of graphic information into auditory data. Using sonification, a person can perceive optical and visual images (for example, graphs and diagrams) through sound.

Along with space exploration, natural science, and biology, sonification is also used in art: Garage Triennial features a video work by Alexander Agafonov, which references this method.

Together with the Museum's pedagogues, participants will create a visual work based on the key principles of sonification.


Garage Kids' Studio