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Discussion of Tatiana Efrussi’s project Museum of Alena Arzamasskaia

Teens Days: Fakes and Predictions Lab
25 April 2021


Contributing to the exhibition Assuming Distance, artist Tatiana Efrussi presented a research project dedicated to a key, albeit underestimated, figure of the 1667–1671 peasants’ revolt, the female ataman Alena Arzamasskaia.

Together with moderator Lana Uzarashvili, the group will discuss the problem of female representation in the history of art; remember the most striking cases of mythologization or deliberate exclusion of women from history, and speak about the importance of archiving and museumifying the female image in culture.

During the practical block, participants will try to rehabilitate the famous feminist artist Judy Chicago’s work The Dinner Party and mix a drink for a female protagonist, corresponding to her biography, character, and era in which she lived.



Lana Uzarashvili is a postgraduate student at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a feminist researcher, and co-founder of the FEM TALKS educational project. Her research focuses on the problems of the Anthropocene, colonialism, and gender.


Teenagers aged 14 to18 years are invited to participate.

Free with advance registration.

Personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) must be used at all events.


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