DianaPlaysPerception. Jürg Frey and Morton Feldman

DianaPlaysPerception. Jürg Frey and Morton FeldmanDianaPlaysPerception. Jürg Frey and Morton Feldman


On February 7, Garage is launching a program of quiet concerts of contemporary classical and electronic music.

Combining music performances with talks and discussions, DianaPlaysPerception is a Moscow-based ensemble focusing on experimental and alternative music (American mavericks like John Cage, Christian Wolff, and Alvin Lucier; British experimental composers such as Laurence Crane and James Saunders; the Wandelweiser Group) as well as interdisciplinary projects that enbable the creation of new material through live communication.

At Garage Library, DianaPlaysPerception will present a program of compositions by Jürg Frey and Morton Feldman. Jürg Frey is a Swiss composer of the Wandelweiser Group who creates works of discrete continuity, where each sound and pause seems to grow out of the preceding one, and unconnected parts of the composition paradoxically collide. Morton Feldman was one of the key figures in American experimental music. He took a long time to develop his signature style that defines almost all works of the last decade of his life. Working with minimal variations in sound, he creates intricate sound patterns that he seems to “hang up” in silence.   


Free admission with advance registration